Year 2 Update

It’s 2019, and some 19 months after my initial diagnosis, and things could not be going better – save the cancer just magically going away. The first-line treatment I’m on is still all about testosterone deprivation, called ADT. I’m on 3 overlapping meds for this – two orals and a monthly injectable. My PSA scores on this treatment have dropped from my crazy high of 211 down to “< 0.01 ng/mL”, which means that it’s too low for the lab test to even measure. When ADT stops working one day, we’ll figure out what’s next then. Until then, I’ll take it!

I’m thankful and super-fortunate to have world-class cancer care literally within walking distance of my office. I’m also thankful and super-fortunate to have great health insurance and the means to afford my care. I get that the rest of the country is not so equally fortunate.

My day-to-day life looks remarkably like it did before. The only physical things I deal with from the treatment are still all side effects from the meds and of having next to no testosterone in my body – muscle mass loss, sexual side effects, and the occasional hot flash and crying jag (guys turn testosterone into the tiny amount of estrogen we need, and no testosterone means no estrogen, hence the manopause side effects.) But I thankfully have no cancer symptoms at all. Oh, and naps – I’m a bit more napish than I was before. Naps are good, right?

Travel continues within the limits of free cash and Susie’s available vacation time. Since last year, we’ve done San Diego, Australia and New Zealand (thanks Mom!), a Bahamas cruise (On-on!), and a super-quick Disney weekend with Bon.

One of my favorite places on the planet.

I’ve passed 2,000 miles on the bike for the year, and I’m not done yet! I’m off to Florida in a few days to ride 160 miles in a BikeMS event down there – thanks to those of you who supported that! This ride will be a replacement for Hurricane Dorian causing the cancellation the usual New Bern ride back in September.

I’m raising money for Movember again this year. Last year’s response was overwhelming. You all helped me raise over $7,623 to help address and treat men’s health issues – including prostate cancer. Please consider donating – and sharing my story with your people. Awareness of this disease – and how it can show up in non-standard and unexpected ways like mine – is one of my missions.

Thank you all, for your love and support and prayers and donations and time!! The outreach from you all in all these ways – and others – had been overwhelming and fantastic, and so much appreciated. I’m am fortunate and grateful to have so many wonderful folks who love me.

Love y’all.

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