About HansleyLove

HansleyLove is the second evolution of a site that started off as a #hansleythuglife, which started as a tone-deaf gag.

At a family wedding, guests were asked to post photos with the hashtag #hansleyeverafter. I was posting a photo to Instagram and asked Bill, “What’s the hashtag again?” He replied, as a joke, “#hansleythuglife.” Given that our life is the antithesis of thug life, this cracked me up. So I took it and ran with it. 

I didn’t know much about the #thuglife hashtag, other than the various memes depicting Carlton Banks, a fictional character from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air who was played by Alfonso Ribiero. Carlton was the “goody goody” character playing opposite to Will Smith’s main hip-hop character. Here’s some of my favorite Carlton “thug life” memes:

Since we lead a very ordinary life, it cracked me up to use that phrase on my Instagram posts. Deer eating our grass? #hansleythuglife! Cat laying belly up on the driveway? #hansleythuglife! Bacon and eggs on a plate? #hansleythuglife!

This blog, then, is about our very ordinary lives. I’ll be doing most of the posting, but Bill may also contribute. It’s an outlet for me to write about our lives and my thoughts and observations about the world. Hope you enjoy.